Our Team

Bifrost’s dedicated and growing team of professionals combines expertise in SCADA, big data, software development, and managing IT approvals and integrations. 

Matt Tinnin
Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Knabb
Chief Innovation Officer
Nels Erickson
Chief Operations Officer
Geoff Daily
Chief Revenue Officer
Richard Weindel
Global Sales Director
Jim Havenner
Customer Success Director
Eric Tinnin
Solution Architect
Dawson Jeane
Software Developer
John Tortorich
Software Developer
Brett Guidry
Integration Team Lead
Jerry Loffelbein
Quality Assurance Lead
Sean Irving
Software Engineering Director

Bifrost's Origin Story

Bifrost was born out of the need for Techneaux—our parent company—to find a better solution for customers struggling to unlock data trapped in their SCADA systems.

Since 2010, Techneaux has established itself as the leading SCADA integrator for oil & gas companies in the US. We knew our customers needed better than what the market was offering them.

The first solution we built was a tool called Dexter, which could do one-time data exports from CygNet. But we knew our customers needed real-time data feeds. So we built another tool called DataMaster, which integrated CygNet with SQL.

While both did their jobs, neither fully solved the problems our customers were facing. Especially at a time when enterprises were becoming more aware of the value of their SCADA data and demand for that data was growing throughout their operations.

So a team started working on a larger solution that could address and resolve all of the complexities involved in streaming real-time data between complex systems like CygNet. After a year of development, Bifrost was launched at the end of 2021.

Over the last two years, the Bifrost team has grown as our software’s capabilities have evolved. As more and more leading companies adopt our solution to move data throughout their organizations. 

Today Bifrost is setting new standards for the delivery of high-volume, high-value data streams while opening up new possibilities for how corporations can generate value from their data.

Our goal is to help them move all the data they need, all the time, wherever, whenever, and however they need it. And that’s exactly what we’re doing every day, supporting the movement of billions of dollars worth of data and counting.

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