Solve your integration challenges

Bifrost sets new standards for connecting data from systems like CygNet, Ignition, PI, and more to analytics, optimization, reporting, accounting, historian, data lakes, and beyond.


Standard data bridges suck. Bifrost’s integrators use our modular ETL engine to configure industrial-strength data bridges that move all the data you need wherever it’s needed, without gaps or constraints.


  • CygNet
  • Ignition
  • PI
  • SQL
  • Canary
  • More


Artificial lift data is messy. Bifrost’s cycle logging module aligns all attributes of rod, gas, pump, and plunger lift cycles, delivering clean standard cycle payloads that help data scientists, optimizers, and optimization platforms be more effective.


  • Emerson
  • TotalFlow
  • More


Software isn’t enough. Bifrost’s integrators know how to discover, design, configure, and test new workflows tailored to your unique needs. And support for maintaining and updating existing workflows is part of Bifrost’s annual subscription.

Bifrost is bridging millions unique datapoints daily for leading oil & gas companies.

The Bifrost Difference

Data Integrity

Standard data bridges create data gaps during outages. Bifrost’s bridges are state aware, ensuring no data gaps to manually backfill that can pollute analytics.

All The Data

Standard data bridges often can’t access all the data. Bifrost’s bridges are designed to move whatever data you need wherever you need it, without compromise.


Standard data bridges have performance constraints. Bifrost’s bridges are multi-threaded and can scale to whatever throughput or other features you require.


Standard data bridges aren’t flexible or fast. Bifrost’s modular architecture allows us to configure new workflows, develop new connectors, and add new features quickly.

Fully Supported

Standard data bridges aren’t adequately supported. Bifrost’s team of integrators and developers handles configuring new workflows and supporting existing ones.


Standard data bridges aren’t reliable. Bifrost is built on standard technologies with transparent monitoring and KPI reports all with the goal of maximizing reliability.

Who Bifrost Helps

Bifrost benefits different roles within an oil & gas company in different ways.

Flexibility to adapt to changing needs

No more data gaps to manually backfill

Support included to

troubleshoot & advise


Turnkey solution so

no strain on staffing

On-prem operations for better security

Multi-threaded for

efficient scalability


Data integrity to make better decisions

Speed to configure

new workflows

Fixed cost to budget

without surprises


Access all the data,

not just some of it

Cycle log data that‘s

easier to work with

Highly configurable

to meet custom needs


Reliability so you can trust your data

Monitoring to

maintain performance

Standard tech stack

built on CygNET

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Bifrost can be the ultimate addition to your toolbox to help solve your customers' data integration challenges.

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Bifrost removes barriers to market entry by making it easy to integrate customer data into your platform.

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