Bridge Oil & Gas Data Seamlessly Between Systems

Bifrost delivers industrial-strength data bridges to leading oil and gas companies, connecting systems like SCADA, Historians, Analytics, Reporting, Optimization, and more.


From identifying needs to designing workflows to navigating IT reviews, Bifrost delivers custom bridges tailored to meet all of your needs.


Bifrost’s proprietary modular ETL workflow engine redefines the standards for how data can be moved throughout an enterprise.


Unlimited support for existing workflows is provided through the annual license, including bug fixes, platform upgrades, and new features.

Prebuilt Connectors

Bifrost has prebuilt Connectors into a variety of SCADA and Historian platforms as well as major protocols and databases, including:

  • CygNet
  • Ignition
  • ODBC
  • SQL
  • MQTT
  • RESTful APIs
  • MongoDB

Driving data in oil and gas businesses to a place
of more operational efficiency.

Data Integrity

Standard data bridges only read current values. So whenever outages happen, data gaps are created, which hinder use of that data and can be expensive to resolve. Bifrost is state aware, reading historic values, so there are no data gaps.


Normally every time you want to build a new workflow connecting two systems you have to start from scratch. Bifrost’s modular architecture and prebuilt connectors makes it easy to add new sources or destinations.


Bifrost makes everything faster. From creating new workflows to developing new connectors to moving data without limitations to automating manual processes like auto-generating tags. Bifrost moves data as fast as you need it.


The more you rely on data the more reliable you need it to be. Bifrost keeps your data safe by operating on-premises. It keeps your data moving by being built on proven technologies. And it’s backed by a support team that’s ready to address any issues that may occur.


Figuring out what’s going wrong with standard data bridges can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Bifrost’s transparent logging and reporting fixes that. And Bifrost generates KPIs that help you track how well data is flowing either in a daily email or through your performed reporting platform.


Connecting high-value, high volume data systems isn’t just about software. It’s about having the right expertise in oil and gas, data management, and software development. Bifrost provides expert design and support services that ensure you’re never left alone when trying to figure out how to move data.

What customers are saying:
“We’ve had an excellent experience with the Bifrost team… My only complaint is sometimes I have to wait ten minutes for a response instead of five.”
“We were about losing data completely before. The way Bifrost has been developed and worked through, now we just ask them to reset the synch and backfill, and half an hour later we’re back to where we need to be.”
“Bifrost has become a part of our development team. By being able to have someone to ask questions about what I want to do has been instrumental.”
“I’m really focused on the SCADA world as that’s what I work on every day. So I don’t always know what the other use cases are until someone has a request for something. Now with Bifrost I have an answer for how to move that data.”
“We could probably do this work if wanted to, but having someone on the team who pings me back with an answer or who I can ask for a new workflow and who can get on it quickly. That support is real from Bifrost. Not having to configure and do everything yourself has been great.”

Our team

Bifrost has a dedicated team of professionals. Bifrost also has access to the expertise of the larger Techneaux team. Together we are ready to handle your toughest time series data integrations.

Matt Tinnin
Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Knabb
Chief Innovation Officer
Nels Erickson
Chief Operations Officer
Geoff Daily
Chief Revenue Officer
Richard Weindel
Sales Director
Jim Havenner
Account Manager
Eric Tinnin
Data Integration Specialist
Dawson Jeanne
Data Integration Specialist
John Tortorich
Data Integration Specialist
Jerry Loffelbein
Quality Control Specialist
partner with us
Technology Integrators

Bifrost can be the ultimate addition to your toolbox to help solve your customers' data integration challenges.

Technology Providers

Bifrost removes barriers to market entry by making it easy to integrate customer data into your platform.

Focus on what you do best by letting us do what we do best.

Bifrost's Origin Story

Over the years, Techneaux has witnessed our customers struggle to unlock data trapped in their SCADA systems. We knew there had to be a better way.

Our first foray into this area was an internal tool we built called Dexter, which could do one-time exports of data. But we knew that some customers needed real-time data feeds. So we built another internal tool called Data Master, which integrated data between Cygnet and SQL. But that was limited to those two systems.

We realized what customers really needed was a solution that was flexible enough to make it easy to integrate a variety of different systems together, and not just out of SCADA systems but also Data Historians. So in 2021, we started developing Bifrost.In 2022 we launched in stealth mode and started signing up initial customers.

Today Bifrost builds and supports next generation time series data integrations that are seamlessly moving billions of rows of data in real time for a variety of different enterprise customers both large and small in industries ranging from oil and gas to manufacturing to casinos.

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