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Bifrost sets new standards for connecting data from systems like CygNet, Ignition, PI, and more to analytics, optimization, reporting, accounting, historian, data lakes, and beyond.

On-Premises Software

Built on industry-leading technologies, optimized for performance, reliability, and speed, Bifrost’s proprietary streaming ETL platform redefines what’s possible.

  • .Net Windows service on a virtual machine
  • Messaging queue on RabbitMQ and Erlang
  • JSON to handle the serialization of modules

Expert Design

Leveraging our experience working with some of the largest companies in the world, Bifrost’s team of experts cover all the skills needed to customize data streams to your needs.

  • SCADA and big data expertise
  • Software development
  • IT approvals and setup

Ongoing Support

Every Bifrost data stream includes the support that’s required to keep your data flowing in a constantly changing, high volume, high value environment.

  • Proactive monitoring resolves issues quickly
  • Integrated support covers changes & upgrades
  • Premium support addresses custom needs
All the data you need. All the time. Wherever, whenever, however you need it.

Bifrost Connections

Bifrost can build data streams between any of the following connections:
  • VHS
  • ODBC
  • DDS​
  • UIS
  • CVS​​
  • Historical
  • Tag Property
  • History​
  • Current Values
  • Alarm History​
  • Archive
  • Point Creation
  • Canary
  • MQTT
  • SQL​
  • RESTful​
  • Snowflake​
  • And more...

Bifrost delivers data streams that are:


State-aware on a per datapoint basis, Bifrost automatically fills data gaps caused by outages, removing the need for manually backfilling.


Multi-threaded, Bifrost can handle any number of tags, any number of data streams, and any amount of throughput.


With better throughput, Bifrost enables data to be moved at higher resolutions, increasing the granularity of analytics and reporting.


Our experts leverage our software’s advanced transformation and filtering to configure data streams to your exact specifications.


With a modular architecture, Bifrost’s software can easily add new destinations and our experts can make changes as your requirements evolve.


Instead of taking months or years, Bifrost’s data streams can be deployed in weeks, and we respond to any bugs or change requests quickly.


Bifrost removes ongoing maintenance headaches so that your team can focus on being data managers instead of data janitors.


Bifrost delivers the steady, reliable, high resolution data streams to maximize the performance of any AI tools to drive new efficiencies.


Bifrost doesn’t just move data, it also creates new data streams, like frequency calculations that give you new KPIs into the health of your data systems.

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Bifrost Data Streams


Bifrost’s CygNet data streams enable you to move all the data you need and wherever you need it, without limits.

  • Access data like UIS, VHS, DDS, ODBC, CVS, and Historical
  • Stream it to any other protocol or system Bifrost connects to
  • Enable new control and HMI options with bidirectional streams.


Bifrost’s Ignition data streams enable high-volume Ignition data integrations with unmatched performance.

  1. Leverage features like batch SQL retrieval and direct to SQL writing
  2. Achieve 10x improvements in throughput on a single thread
  3. Gain a single solution rather than relying on one-off utilities


Bifrost’s PI data streams overcome the typical limitations associated with integrating high volume SCADA data.

  1. Stream unlimited tags through a single Bifrost instance
  2. Auto-generate tags in PI rather than having to do so manually
  3. Remove the need to staff PI integrations to ensure quality

Cycle Logs

Bifrost’s cycle logs are an industry-first solution for transforming transaction data into standardized cycle payloads.

  1. Stop wasting data that represents the heartbeat of your company
  2. Normalize messy data between devices and manufacturers
  3. Capture data that improves all forms of artificial lift optimization 
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Technology Integrators

Bifrost can be the ultimate addition to your toolbox to help solve your customers' data integration challenges.

Technology Providers

Bifrost removes barriers to market entry by making it easy to integrate customer data into your platform.

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